About us

We are Fulvia and Elisabetta.
Two new 30-year-old in search of new opportunities, new experiences and new challenges. Opposite characters that complement each other, that become mutually necessary, to give life to an innovative project.
Wearing Eros. Let it become an accessory.
Idiom Erotic Jewels is our creation. A line of erotic jewelry that tells an innovative approach to sensuality. Their dual use is not ostentatious, but hidden behind a carefully designed design. Original creations in 925 silver, brass and exotic leathers.

They are objects conceived and designed to declare an intention, to shape the different erotic and sensual inclinations of the wearer. Idiom is a brand. An idea.
Our jewels reflect and embrace the many ways of understanding and living sexuality.
Because we are not all the same and tastes are unique.
Be unique. Raise your voice. Wear Idioma.